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World of Warcraft(

World of Warcraft

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OffGamers - Your Gaming Alliance(

OffGamers is a service platform dealing with the sale of game cards, acquisition of game currencies/gold and providing power leveling services for a number of MMORPGs in the market.

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My Lands(

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AION - prepaid cards, game keys(

AION - prepaid cards, game keys

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Digital distribution service, xbox live gold, playstation network, pc games. Selling software in the digital version, instant delivery.

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A flagship game platform with a variety of award-winning games

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Electronic Arts(

Electronic Arts

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diamods for online game

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Travian Payment(

Operation of MMOGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Games): Selling of virtual items (Gold coins etc.)

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SEA Gamer Mall(

SEA Gamer Mall

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